What is eLearning?


Typically, eLearning (online learning) is a way to deliver training to one or more people through a mobile device or computer. The training can consist of self-paced interactive presentations, mobile apps for just-in-time training, or gamification to allow learners to apply the learning in a fun and competitive way. If you’re considering eLearning, you should look at the stats:


  • eLearning involves 40-60% less employee time than traditional classroom training (Brandon Hall Study)
  • According to the U.S. Department of Education, online learning was found to be more effective than face-to-face training for adult learners.
  • Learning retention is 25-60% compared to classroom training at 8-10% (The Research Institute of America)


If you train primarily adults and training is an important part of your business, you could benefit from moving some of your training to eLearning.

Where do I start?


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How much money could I save?


A simple way to find out if eLearning can reduce your training expenses is to use a return-on-investment calculator. This simple spreadsheet will show you how much your traditional face-to-face training is costing you, the investment in eLearning, and how much money will be saved. It includes areas such as travel and expenses, costs to create, distribute training materials, and trainers and facilities.


While these savings can be significant, you should also consider the non-financial benefits:


  • More engaged learning, because trainees are completing the training when they’re ready to learn
  • Greater efficiencies by not taking your trainees away from their jobs or their families
  • More consistent training, since the content is always delivered the same way to everyone