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Do you need to add rocket fuel to your sales efforts?



In his book “The Ultimate Selling Machine,” Chet Holmes cites a couple of frightening statistics: 

  1. 26,000 new products and brands are introduced every year 
  2. A corporation fails every 3 minutes

Based on the first stat, it’s not surprising that it’s harder than ever to “sell something” when organizations face so many competing products and similar brands. If they can’t, this leads to the second stat. There’s a lot at stake. 


Since 2000, Digitec Interactive has worked with some of the world’s leading companies. Digitec has designed and created sales tools to decrease the cost of sale, and increase sales performance 


Over the years, we’ve developed the people, processes and products that can help you make your people “smarter… faster.” 



“Digitec is my top choice when looking for a team who can deliver!”


Christy Loerzel, Sr. Director, Global Sales Communications, Symantec Corporation 



Ready to boost your sales performance?




Performance Apps


Today, training needs to be available at the point of need. Performance support provides just-in-time access to what your users need to know, when they need to know it. Digitec has worked with organizations to create both native apps for Apple and Android devices, as well as mobile web applications to solve real problems, in real-time.


Technician performance support

Imagine you have technicians doing hardware and software upgrades across hundreds of retail locations. Each location might have a unique combination of equipment. If your technicians order the wrong equipment, the costs and scheduled labor impacts are staggering. That’s just what one of our clients faced.


Digitec created a performance support mobile app that walked technicians through an equipment scoping process. Using photos, the techs could easily identify the existing equipment. The algorithms in the app then automatically filtered the controllers to match that equipment, cutting down on errors. At the end of the process, the app submitted a completed order form to headquarters, saving our client tens of thousands of dollars and completing their installs on-schedule.


Sales performance support

Today, an increasingly technical sales process means that your sales team needs access to the right data to make the right decisions, quickly. That’s when the right sales tool can make all the difference in your sales performance.


Digitec has created mobile apps for the hospitality industry, allowing sales teams as well as consumers, to walk through complex sales, using data-driven algorithms to recommend just the right solutions.


Digitec’s developers use web application technology, including PHP, Java, Objective C, ColdFusion, as well as integration with Oracle, SQL, MySQL. Digitec has designed sales performance support for CASymantecDell, Disney, Hilton, Starwood and many others.

Digitec designs and develops mobile apps for training your mobile sales force, your management team and your customers.


As of 2014, access to the internet through mobile devices has overtaken access from desktop computers. Already, 60% of all internet searches occur through a mobile device.


How can you make sure that you’re capturing an increasingly mobile population?


Digitec develops mobile applications in native iOS for the iPhone and iPad, as well as in Eclipse for Android-compatible devices. Digitec also develops in HTML 5 for other mobile devices.


Digitec follows a modified waterfall model for application design and development.

The creation of a mobile app begins with a design document to outline the business objectives, target audience, supported handsets/operating systems and a proposed application flow. During this early design phase, our staff collaborates with the project team to recommend the best solutions. We combine creative design with experienced application developers to make sure that the application achieves the business objectives and your technical requirements.


Whether you need a learning app, sales tool or a creative way to reach the growing number of mobile users, Digitec provides mobile app development from design to implementation.


You rely on resellers, channel partners, Value Added Resellers (VAR) or distributors for your sales. 


 You give them training, support and plenty of patience, but you’re seeing:  

  • Disappointing reseller sales performance
  • Flat or declining channel sales
  • No follow-up on opportunities


How many sales opportunities are you missing from underperforming resellers? 


Digitec’s Reseller Performance System (RPS) 

  • Designed for mid-sized sales and marketing departments who are dissatisfied with traditional reseller sales processes that are inefficient and difficult to manage and scale. 

RPS offers:  

  • A sales automation platform that provides onboarding, product training and sales performance tracking.

Unlike other systems, RPS combines:  

  • a robust mobile platform that is easy-to-use, powerful and scalable and
  • a dedicated team of sales “enablers” who provide continual tracking, analysis and updates

Contact Us! to learn more about RPS.


If you are looking to increase your sales performance, Digitec has the team and technology to help your people change and grow faster.