Learning Management System

Knowledge Direct combines advanced technology with user-friendliness, helping organizations develop rich, customized and social learning experiences that are accessible to anybody, anywhere.

Digitec Interactive launched Knowledge Direct in 2005.

Our latest version represents a lot of research and development, based on years of learning technology design driven by adult learning theory.

It adds up to delivering truly transformative learning experiences.



Mobile-First User Interface

Designed with a mobile first strategy to provide responsive design and extensive mobile browser support.

Easy to use, easy to configure and quick to deploy

We made it easy for learners, administrators and content creators. Create highly engaging experiences that are quick to deploy, with modular widgets that are simple to activate.

Social Learning

Learning is social again with social network integration as well as built-in chat, discussions and real-time messaging.

Learning for everyone – Standards compliant

Designed for 508/ADA accessibility, as well as global accessibility standards.


Visit the Knowledge Direct LMS product site for complete details, case studies, features and to request an online demo and 30 day FREE trial!