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Digitec specializes in gamification design, implementing embedded, collaborative, simulation and immersive game experiences for clients, including The Walt Disney Company, Yum Brands, Cisco Systems, Genentech/Roche, and other organizations. Digitec staff includes game developers from Electronic Arts, who help our instructional designers align game theory and gameplay with instructional design to better engage the “game-based generation”.

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Digitec Interactive’s eLearning Services include:

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Embedded Game Type Example


Embedded games are sometimes called “casual” or “extrinsic” games. These games allow learners to engage with the content in a fun way, while reinforcing the learning objectives through play. Embedded gaming strategies can include drag-n-drop, sequencing, matching, trivia, etc.


Digitec develops custom embedded games or you can use our Direct-to-WEB rapid content authoring tool within our proprietary, learning management system, Knowledge Direct, to create interactive eLearning using Microsoft PowerPoint.


Embedded games are a simple way to include game-based learning in your organization.

Collaborative Games

Collaborative Game Type Example

While many realize the power of competition in learning engagement, “coopetition” may be even more powerful. According to research from Edgar Dale, while traditional classroom delivery results in 10% learning retention, the same study shows 90% retention when learners teach others. This is where collaborative gaming fits in. Players work in collaborative teams to share knowledge, make decisions and compete against other teams.


Digitec has designed team-based, collaborative games for Cisco Systems, Hilton Worldwide, and a remote online brain bowl competition for the National Consumers League. For CEE, Digitec designed the Gen I Revolution game – a high school economics game, with missions that can be played in the classroom or online. Teams compete for top scores and earn badges as they defeat the Murktide! To date, nearly 200,000 students have played the game.  


Game-based Simulation Example

Digitec Interactive is a strong proponent of the “Learning by Doing” model, pioneered by Jean Piaget. For a game-based simulation, Digitec’s instructional designers apply game design and modeling. The simulations enable learners to apply their knowledge and skills in a simulated environment.


To create more engagement, Digitec’s unique Story Arcsimulations combine story and simulation to create engaging problem-based learning experiences, where learners can live out the experiences, as they would in the real world.


Digitec has designed and developed Story Arc simulations for Disney, Yum! Brands restaurants, Hilton Worldwide, Symantec Corporation and many others. For the Florida Virtual School, Digitec designed the Virtual Frog Dissection game for middle school students. 


Immersive Game Type Example

Immersive eLearning games involve “immersing” the learner into a fully simulated environment. The learning occurs through trial and error, with prescriptive learning modules assigned after the event, based on the learner’s performance. This model encourages rehearsal and practice, so a learner can master the concepts.


Digitec has created immersive eLearning for marketing, financial education, and life skills. Digitec has also designed games to teach history — by traveling in time machines to immerse a player into a past situation to live out historical events.


If you are ready to immerse your learners in a custom 3-D environment, where they have permission to “fail forward” as they try different strategies to solve problems and move to the next level, Digitec can take them there.


Want to explore the case for using games? Download our whitepaper here.

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