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Stop Creating Courses

  • From reinventing the wheel to repurposing the wheel: an exploration of content curation


    As learning professionals, we’re often faced with building courses or programs to improve skillsets in support of the specific needs of our organization – presentation skills, project management skills, and team building skills, just to name a few. But why do we feel compelled to constantly reinvent the wheel? Why not leverage existing expertise to tackle common challenges that we all have? Using curated content not only helps us address core competency building, but also frees to focus on the nuances unique to our business.


    In this complimentary webinar, Mary Lefaiver, Senior Instructional Designer at Digitec Interactive will:


    • * Discuss advantages of using curated content to support competency-based learning
    • * Present a case study for leveraging curated content to solve a business need
    • * Provide strategies for introducing content curation within your learning organization
    • * Offer tools and resources to help you begin your own content curation practice