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There’s an old adage: ‘You can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been…’

Digitec’s been around.


Back in 1988, Jack Sherdel opened the Digitec corporate headquarters in Orlando, Florida. At the time, The Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios, and Nickelodeon all had production studios in Orlando, and Jack saw the opportunity.


The Name

When Jack Sherdel started Digitec, one of our clients was The Walt Disney Company, specifically Walt Disney World in Orlando. Digitec began by supplying digital technology to the Magic Kingdom for audio and video postproduction. And so, the name emerged: “Digital” “Technology” or Digitec.


New Media

During the 1990s, Digitec worked with many studios and production companies, producing and editing feature films and television shows. That heritage taught us a few things about production values, delivery schedules, and flexible working hours (if necessary, nights, weekends, whatever it takes to get the job done).


The internet opened up new opportunities for entertainment, commerce, and education, and so we took this background and brought it to this new media.


In 1999, Jack Sherdel partnered with Jack McGrath — a digital media producer with a strong background in new media marketing and eLearning. McGrath’s philosophy — combine creativity and technology to bring innovation to clients — enabled Digitec to develop a strong team of developers and producers to create digital media productions for clients including The Walt Disney Company, NBC/Universal, Microsoft, Symantec, VMWare, Yum! Brands, Prentice Hall, and many others.


There has been one simple rule that has guided our company:


1. If you don’t go above and beyond for your clients, someone else will.


At Digitec Interactive we Transform Learning to Change Lives. That is all we do, and we strive every day to do it better than anyone else.


Transformation is the driving principle behind Digitec’s growth. Today, Digitec is a thriving software development company, known for the popular learning management system, Knowledge Direct, which has received high praise and numerous awards for its ease of use and emphasis on continuing education, including being named a Top 5 Association LMS from Talented Learning in 2016, as well as the 2018 Brandon Hall Group Silver Award.


Digitec Interactive is best known for their custom learning experiences including game-based eLearning courses for organizations such as P&G, Symantec, Cisco Systems, Yum Brands, Genentech and Hilton Worldwide. 


Digitec also develops game engines for training and professional development, including the Multiplayer Challenge Game, which has been used by Cisco Systems for real-time, online CCNA certification test preparation; the Scenario-based Simulation Engine; and the Level It Up! mobile learning game engine for “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” style learning games.


Digitec’s staff has been actively involved with the design and development of interactive learning since the 1990s and is nationally recognized for their custom eLearning design and development. Our recent work with Hilton Worldwide earned a 2016 Gold Excellence in Learning award from Brandon-Hall for Unique or Innovative Learning and a 2016 ATD Excellence in Practice Award for our Digital Key Interactive Training Game. 


Digitec has also been recognized for our innovations in gamification and game-based learning receiving awards from Training Magazine as a 2016 Learning Design Challenge Award winner as well as being named a Training Industry  Gamification Company to Watch in 2015 and 2016.  


Digitec’s instructional designs and learning solutions reflect the Play to Teach Gamespace Continuum, which leverages game theory and delivers effective embedded, collaborative, game-based simulations and immersive learning environments. Digitec Interactive President & Creative Director, Jack McGrath, has presented on game-based learning more than a 2 dozen times in the past 15 years and is the thought leader on gamification for education & training.


The Digitec Difference

At Digitec Interactive, we strive to create truly transformative learning experiences. How are we different? We combine our award-winning technology with an in-house staff of experts in adult learning to provide personalized customer service and technical assistance. We also follow a modified Agile design process to help guarantee alignment and results.


Additionally, the Knowledge Direct platform is one of the only WCAG 2.0 and ADA 508 compliant LMS platforms on the market, bringing transformative learning experiences to EVERYONE, because we believe in life-long learning for every learner, everywhere.


Tomorrow is all Fun and Games

Tomorrow is another day, and another chance to transform learning to change lives


With the explosion of game-based learning and gamification, social media integrations, and microlearning, Digitec Interactive is developing new tools to enable training departments and instructional designers to leverage game strategies and personalization to create a world where learning is targeted, relevant and engaging.



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Key Personnel

Digitec employs the most creative minds in interactive multimedia, instructional design, application and education program development. Our team of award-winning writers, instructional designers, graphic artists, audio and video engineers, web developers and computer programmers are focused on developing best-in-class digital media for the 21st century. The Digitec staff has been involved in creating interactive courseware, web applications and multimedia productions since 1988 and are nationally recognized for their innovative learning design and development.

Here are a few of their stories…

  • Jack Sherdel
  • Jack Sherdel

    Jack holds a BS Degree in Aeronautical Engineering. He has more than 35 years of experience in the media production industry.


    Jack became Chief Engineer for ODO Studios in NYC seven years before moving to San Juan Puerto Rico. Jack became President and partner of Ochoa Recording Company, Puerto Rico’s largest media production company. Leaving Puerto Rico in 1988, Jack founded Digitec Inc. in Orlando, Florida.


    Since 1988, Digitec Inc. has produced television commercials, syndicated television programs, and movies. Since 2000, Jack has launched Digitec’s foray into software development, with the development of applications for sales & marketing and eLearning.


  • Jack McGrath
  • Jack McGrath

    Jack is President and Creative Director of Digitec Interactive. Since the mid-90’s, he has worked exclusively in digital media, specializing in eLearning. He has been an instructional designer, producer and multimedia developer.


    Jack has won several awards, including the Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning award. Jack is also a nationally-recognized speaker on game-based learning and conducted seminars and workshops all across the nation.


    He holds a B.A. in English and a Master of Liberal Arts from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. He teaches Ancient/Classical and 20th Century Humanities as Distance Learning courses and has written 24 stage plays, including 15 full productions.

  • Melissa McCray
  • Melissa McCray

    Melissa McCray, Vice President of Sales & Sr. Account Executive, offers our clients more than 28 years of experience in the adult learning industry. She applies a client-driven, consultative approach, coupled with expert technical knowledge in matching our partner’s needs with our complete product and service lines. This includes a great depth of knowledge and understanding of all features and functionality of our Knowledge Direct® Learning Management System (LMS) along with complimenting solutions including eLearning, mobile learning, mobile apps, game-based simulations, video and NetDefense Pro, our cybersecurity training program. Melissa works closely with our partners to understand their training needs today and those targeted for future implementation.

  • Jon Fore

Jonathan Fore

Since arriving at Digitec in 2007, Jonathan has been responsible for the Knowledge Direct application offerings, including new development, ongoing maintenance, and client support. Jonathan’s responsibilities also include Digitec’s web hosting and internal IT infrastructure.

After serving in the military, Jonathan began a career in the information technology industry. During this time, Jon focused on infrastructure security, becoming an expert for law enforcement agencies and an expert witness in trial proceedings involving computer crimes. He spent a year serving with the National Infrastructure Security Council, a technological branch of Homeland Security.

Jonathan is a decorated war veteran, as well as a published photographer and international award-winning novelist.


Artwork by Digitec’s own Randy Messer, programmer in his spare time.




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