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We help your people change and grow. Faster.


Today, growing competition and increased automation mean that your people truly are your greatest source of potential. When technology and creative solutions come together, you can maximize this potential.


Whether you need a training solution, sales performance app or immersive game experience, we deliver on your “people potential.” It’s our passion.


Since 2000, Digitec Interactive has focused on making people smarter, faster, so organizations can adapt more quickly. Digitec brings an experienced team of creatives and mobile web developers, who use our award-winning technology to maximize people potential.


Digital transformation is happening in every industry, and Digitec Interactive has the experience to help your team fully realize your people potential.


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What we do

Learning Management System

Knowledge Direct – our award-winning learning management portal technology, which has “transformed” over a million learners to date.

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Learning Games

Combining instructional design, game design, and mobile web technology, Digitec’s gamification experiences have garnered awards for companies including Disney, Cisco Systems, Genentech/Roche and others. It’s time to play to teach.

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Custom Online Learning

From creative pitch to cutting-edge design, script/storyboards writing, media production, delivery and support, Digitec is an easy-to-use resource for custom online learning.

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With our mobile technology and content delivery, Digitec can increase your sales performance by up to 50%.

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Digitec Online Learning Awards
Digitec Online Learning Awards 
Digitec Online Learning Awards




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