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Digitec Interactive creates learning technology and custom online learning experiences. We began out of a shared belief in the power of learning – its ability to transform an individual, an organization, the world.


When we were kids, we loved to learn. But somewhere along the way, learning became drudgery. Training became a speaker, standing in front of a room or a webcam delivering endless PowerPoint Slides.


If this is the type of learning you’re looking for, continue browsing the web, because Digitec is not the right fit.


We believe that a truly transformative custom online learning experience has the potential to change lives. And that’s our passion. At Digitec, we focus on one thing: how can we creatively make learning more engaging, more responsive – more effective for both the learner and the organization? We are driven to transform learning – delivering what your learners need to know, when they need to know it, presented in a surprising way that produces results.





Jack McGrath - Online Learning Leader

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Custom Online Learning Services

Learning Management System

Knowledge Direct – our award-winning learning management portal technology, which has “transformed” over a million learners to date.

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Learning Games

Combining instructional design, game design, and mobile web technology, Digitec’s gamification experiences have garnered awards for companies including Disney, Cisco Systems, Genentech/Roche and others. It’s time to play to teach.

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Custom Online Learning

From creative pitch to cutting-edge design, script/storyboards writing, media production, delivery and support, Digitec is an easy-to-use resource for custom online learning.

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Mobile Learning

Our staff is Apple and Android Certified, expert at creating native apps or mobile web learning apps that reach your learners, where ever they are.

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Digitec Online Learning Awards
Digitec Online Learning Awards 
Digitec Online Learning Awards




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